Tear Drop & Wing Banners

The banners sizes are as follows:

  • Tear Drop Banners
    • Small: 3,000mm pole – 1,935mm x 805mm banner
    • Medium: 4,000mm pole – 3,075mm x 1,000mm banner
    • Large: 5,000mm pole – 3,675mm x 1,215mm banner
  • Wing Banners (Style 1 – the other sizes are similar)
    • Small: 3,000mm pole – 2,085mm x 670mm banner
    • Medium: 4,000mm pole – 3,000mm x 705mm banner
    • Large: 5,000mm pole – 4,000mm x 805mm banner
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Single / Double sided – From $ 119 ea

Tear Drop and Wing Banners are the ideal tool to attract attention at any event. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our tear drop banners and wing banners are specifically designed to flap around in the breeze to attract attention.


Matt, Gloss