Post-it Sticky Notes

Custom Design

Full Colour Printed

Pack of   75mm x 75mm, 50 pages;

&           125mm x 75mm, 50 pages



Post-it Notes Printing – Custom Personalized Post-it Notes

Make Your Brand Stick: Post-it® Notes Marketing & Design

Picture a day in the life of your customer or prospect. Think of all the things that they need to write down throughout the course of their busy schedule – names, phone numbers, addresses, reminders…the list is endless. And where do they turn? To their handy pad of Post-it® Notes. Post-it® Notes (often called post-it’s, sticky notes, stickies, postit, sticky pads, desktop post it notes, or post its) are one of the most widely-used office products around. Yet most businesses ignore the marketing potential of these little mini billboards.

Pack a Promotional Punch with Post-it® Notes

Full color, customized Post-it® Notes are the perfect marketing tool for promoting your brand over a long period of time. Just think of the cumulative impact you can make by printing your business name and logo on something as popular as Post-it® Notes. Every time one is torn off and stuck to various surfaces in the working environment, you are spreading the word about your company’s products or services. Branded Post-it® Notes are cost-effective and will help to keep your company in the forefront of customers’ minds whenever they are using them.

Handy Handouts

Not only are Post-it® Notes effective at marketing, they are also handy so your customers and prospects will appreciate it when they receive them. There are no limits to what you can do with your custom post-its once you have them. Consider the following uses:

  • Distribute your personalized Post-it® Notes during sales calls
  • Give them to clients who visit your office or store
  • Hand them out at trade shows or conventions
  • Use them whenever including a personal message to prospects or clients to reinforce branding
  • Include them in your next direct mail package
  • Include them in your product shipments

Design for Function…and Fun

The options for customizing your Post-it® Notes to showcase your business are endless. They come in a variety of different colors, sizes and sheet counts, and can be designed to fit your brand and marketing objectives. When designing your Post-it® Notes, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Brand them – be sure to incorporate your branding by including your logo, company name, or contact information. Keep your logo small or use a watermark if you are looking to cover more real estate.
  • Function first – make sure that your design features don’t take up the entire post-it note and use colors that make it possible for the user’s message to be visible.
  • Keep it simple – be subtle when it comes to font type, character size and position. Your design shouldn’t overwhelm the user, but gently remind them that you are there whenever they are ready.

It’s also important to lay out your sticky notes correctly for printing. Use the handy layout templates below with easy instructions to ensure a perfect print job.

Although Post-it® Notes may seem like just a simple office tool, their marketing power is real and ready to be harnessed. Use these sticky essentials wisely and you will reap the branding benefits!