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  • Standard A4 — 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm bond printed 1,2 or full colour single sided.
  • SPECIAL Custom – 80gsm recycled stock, 120gsm Superior Bond. GOLD FOILED Embossed

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Letterheads & With Comps Slips for your business at great deal price.

Why Use a Letterhead?

A letterhead does not only represent a company but shows professionalism on correspondents made in the name of a company. A blank paper is bare and an important document printed on it lacks the seriousness of the correspondence. Instead of looking like an application letter or personal letter, a letterhead shows an importance and urgency to whatever is written on a paper.

A simple design and arrangement of the company name, the logo and other important information is placed at the top of the page. The logo should be the same as all the logos that represents the company. It should be uniform and not changed any time the company feels like it. The fonts used for the company name should also be the same as the company billboards, or other items that has the company name on it.

Remember that any written document from the company should come from the company only. The letterhead is an evidence of that. It is the extension of the company’s reputation and business in the form of papers, envelopes, brochures, etc. Company papers should not be used for just anything. It should be used only for business purposes. Anything written on it will reflect the involvement of the company and the people who works there.

As agreed there should only be one plate made if it is for mass printing on a specific size of paper. Which follows that only one plate is made for other sizes like envelopes, notepads and such. This will assure that the same measurement and distance are printed on the paper and will not be different from one another. The paper should also be of best quality. It does not have to be very expensive as long as the quality is good. There are a lot of inexpensive quality paper that you can buy, just be consistent as well. Choose one that fits the image you want to project for your company.

Telephone numbers, licensed numbers, branch addresses and other pertinent information should also be correct and not misleading. Once a detail is changed the letterhead should be changed accordingly. It is such a drag when clients call the telephone numbers on the letterhead and no one answers or the telephone number has already been discontinued.

A letterhead shows that your company is serious with your business and is more than willing to assist. It is a silent way of representing your company to clients and would be clients. It serves as an advertisement for the company as well and is known to attract more clients. In fact, letterheads increase the list of clients because it looks so professional and would surely impress them. Design a letterhead now best suit your company